Based in Dubai, UAE & Minneapolis, MN, USA


Ahmed is a patented inventor, executive, and innovation strategy and implementation consultant with extensive experience and knowledge in innovation, strategy development and execution, business development, and technology innovation. His focus is on the importance of deep compassion and a strong understanding of stakeholder motivations in driving innovation capable of solving big problems. Ahmed has worked in various industries such as high performance-computing, semiconductors, IoT, healthcare, and government and with organizations ranging from start-ups to the likes of Cray, Microsoft, and federal governments. He carries the breadth of perspective and experience as well as the depth of vision and expertise to support business growth through technology enabled innovation and optimization and ensures continued relevance through business and product innovation. At his previous post as CTO of Reemo, a US based digital health start-up, he invented patented “compassionate technology” in wearables, IoT, big data, and digital health to tackle complex, human and operational challenges across the care management spectrum.

With innovation experiences ranging from the American Midwest to the Middle East and Eastern Europe and having led projects spanning advanced wearables in the Bay Area and ground-breaking government initiates in the Persian Gulf all while managing interdisciplinary teams across time-zones and cultural difference, Ahmed is equipped with exceptional cross-functional as well as cross-cultural insights and competencies.

He has spoken at numerous panels and speaking engagements at international conferences and universities on a variety of topics such as AI and healthcare but mainly focusing on Innovation and the importance of the integration of compassion therein; he is a champion of what he has coined “Compassionate Innovation”.

When he is not ­­laying the groundwork for organizations to prepare for the future and create products, services, experiences, and businesses that inspire, Ahmed spends his time volunteering with young aspiring innovators by teaching them robotics or exploring his passion for good food with his wife.

Areas of expertise
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Innovation Culture and Management
  • Innovation Governance and Processes
  • Product Innovation
  • Change Management and Transformation
  • Cultural relativism and market-centricity in Innovation
  • Start-ups
  • IoT & Wearables
  • Digital Health
  • Smart Home
  • Green Energy
  • Edu-tainment
  • B.S. Electrical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science, University of Minnesota, USA
  • B.S. Computer Engineering with a minor in Applied Mathematics, University of Minnesota, USA