60 Minutes Innovation Management

60 Minutes Innovation Management with Magnus Penker

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Everyone would agree that innovation is valuable and necessary, but how does innovation happen? Innovation is not a goal to strive for or a simple metric to benchmark against, rather, it is a complex system, designed to function in a dynamic, unpredictable environment. While innovation requires a methodology to succeed, it is not a formula. Successes cannot be transplanted from one context to another. A strategy can only be designed after a careful evaluation of what makes an organization unique, requiring an analysis that is both qualitative and quantitative to uncover the right insights. Once an innovation project begins, things move fast, so having the correct framework to make decisions is key. This 60-minute introduction to Magus Penker’s Innovation Management will guide you through the proven methodology used by global companies, scale-ups and unicorns all over the world to push the bounds of the possible and achieve remarkable, market-tested results.

1 - Introduction

2 - What is Innovation Management and why is it important?

3 - The Wheel of Innovation

4 - The Innovation Horizons Introduction

5 - The Innovation Process and Portfolio

6 - Why is it so hard to innovate and how to overcome

7 - Identifying Blockers and Amplifiers for Innovation

8 - Culture Fit for Innovation

9 - Assessing your organization´s culture fit for Innovation

10 - Deep dive into capabilities for Innovation and the Wheel of Innovation

11 - Aligning Strategy and Capabilities for Innovation

12 - Ten tips to be successful staying on to in a hyper competitive market