Sustainnovation Assessment


* Sustainability-orientated innovation (SOI) – also called green innovation or eco innovation – is any innovation undertaken for either the primary or secondary purpose of achieving environmental- sustainability benefits. SOI includes innovations undertaken to lower resource or energy consumption, lower GHG emissions or any other forms of pollution, implement circular or restorative business models, protect biodiversity, etc.

Welcome to the online home of our Sustainability Assessment tool for Innovators – Sustainnovation360TM.

The assessment is a collaboration between Innovation 360 and BMNP Strategies LLC, a US-based innovation consultancy owned by Peet van Biljon, a long-time Senior Advisor to Innovation360 and an Innovation360 licensed practitioner.

This online survey is an abridged, automated, free version of the in-depth assessment we typically conduct over a series of weeks as part of our full SOI assessment service.

It is now available in Beta version to selected practitioners on approval of your application to become a Beta user.

Using this new tool, you can identify the main drivers for a company’s SOI efforts, including relevant government regulations and funding. It assesses SOI capabilities and practices across 12 practice categories such as Leadership, Organization and Culture, Creativity and Design, Stakeholder Engagement, Product Lifecycle Impact, with all practices tested being highly specific to SOI. It then provides a maturity score that will show your clients where they are on their SOI journey. It also assesses the main barriers and roadblocks to making further progress at SOI so that they may be addressed.

Your report includes:

  • SOI drivers, capabilities, and remaining barriers or roadblocks
  • Capability scores across 12 categories and 61 practices specific to SOI
  • A single maturity score and indicator of progress on the SOI journey, depicted as progress against our proprietary 4-phase SOI Maturity Model
  • A comparison between different units/groups/teams within the organization
  • A tangible list of strengths to build on, and areas in which to improve
  • A recommended SOI dashboard to track and drive progress against

The existing version of Sustainnovation360TM is currently available in English only.


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