Gear up for Innovation Success as Licensed Practitioner

Authority and excellence in execution are the pillars of success as a Licensed Practitioner. On March 1, Innovation360 presents two new powerful tools to establish both in your practice.


Join us for this information-rich, interactive webinar: Gear up for Innovation Success as Licensed Practitioner, on March 1st at 8am EST (GMT -5). There is no cost to attend.


Innovation360 founder Magnus Penker, Ideation360 CEO Sofie Lindblom and Black Belt LP Sten Jacobson discuss what has changed and what’s coming next in the world of innovation management. Hosted by Head of LP Faculty Peter Glasheen.


See a little further into the future and deliver more value to your clients. See the agenda below and reserve your spot now.



Peter Glasheen,

Welcome and moderates

– 5 min


Magnus Penker,

Greeting all and share some LP stories

– 10 min


Sten Jacobson,

ISO 56000

  • The ISO 56000 series Guidance standards on Innovation Management System
  • Overview of the standard
  • Current status and update on its launch date Q1-2020.

– 10 min


Sofie Lindblom,

Key Success factors implementing Ideation Management with Ideation360

  • How to design a project plan and roll out
  • Important components to succeed
  • Case study and lessons learned
  • How to get started

– 20 min


Q & A

– 5 min