Innopreneur in Residence 2018 – Duisburg-Essen

Innopreneur in Residence 2018, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Speaker note: “Avoid your Kodak moment – Setup to innovate” by Sofie Lindblom

Option to join a speaker note with Sofie Lindblom with more than 1000 participants at the University Duisburg-Essen, Germany.

Sofie is the founder and CEO of Ideation360, a sub-company to Innovation360 Group, and was the former global Head of Innovation at Spotify.

Entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, start-ups and diversity – Sofie Lindblom can in a tangible way explain how you can connect these intangible “buzz words” to create value and take the lead in your industry.

Sofie has a passion for innovation that shines through and a humble humour which has made her a very popular speaker on stages around the world. She does it in her own way and the result is funny, inspiring, interesting and motivating to listen to.

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Work shop: Innovation360 Group®️ Circle facilitated by Jens Nilsson & Sofie Lindblom

At the same event Innovation360 will also run an Innovation360 Group®️ Circle facilitated by the Head of Faculty at Innovation360; Jens Nilsson.

The Innovation360 Group®️ Circle has the following format:

  • All participants answer questions via link prior to the event to assess an organization’s innovation profile. The results are measured against our InnoSurvey®, the world’s largest innovation database, built with data from many thousands companies in 62 countries. The InnoSurvey® generates a 40-page personalized report, provided to each participant with an individual innovation profile, analysis and recommendations.
  • The Innovation360 Group®️ Circle kicks off with a brief inspirational lecture that uses figures, artifacts, and interactive media. Participants are then divided into small work groups.
  • The innovation curator (lecturer) facilitates a focused discussion of the InnoSurvey® results. Innovation-related group similarities and significant differences are explored with reflective humor and insight into the implications.
  • Just before wrapping up, the lecturer guides participants through their own personalized set of innovation recommendations.

As Head of Faculty at Innovation360 Group Jens Nilsson is responsible for the accreditation in InnoSurvey® – the world´s leading tool for assessing innovation capabilities and the IAR methodology (Innovation Assessment with Recommendations).

He is responsible for the “practitioner journey” for accredited consultants in a Train The Trainer program starting with a 3-day accreditation and ending with a “Black Belt” in Innovation Management.


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