Innovations Playbook

Innovation Playbook

How do I reach best-in-class innovation pratices?

Implementing a customized innovation playbook will give you a common language, best in class way of working as well as increased efficacy and quality.


A playbook consists of an easy to understand process description, clear metrics, role descriptions, agendas, methods linked to the different process steps, and references to tools used in the company. Depending on the blend between first, second and third horizon of innovation, work will differ, and the same goes for what kind of innovation work should be carried out and by whom. If it’s product development, it is likely to be integrated in or replacing the New Product Development. If it’s process, business model or management innovations,  other steps should be taken. The ideation part of the innovation process, including creating the innovation funnel and creative techniques, is described.  


We use our digitized Innovation360 Playbook generator to rapidly customize a playbook for your needs that can be delivered in any format.

You will get:

  • A coherent language
  • A common standard and one way of working
  • All templates, tools and methods linked together
  • Efficient processes across the board
  • Templates, role descriptions and process descriptions

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