Regional Development

Regional Development

How can I elevate a cluster of companies in a region to generate more sustainable growth over time?

Comprehensive development programs can be expensive. That is one of the reasons why we see clusters of companies grouping together…


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) play an important role in economies all over the world, creating jobs, driving growth and meeting critical needs. Yet, when it comes to innovation, they often do not have the resources and tools they need to be truly successful.

SMEs can lack the scale required to innovation, need a structured process and a baseline for measurement and improvement. With a common framework and language to describe and quantify innovation efforts, they can improve their innovation efforts dramatically.

This is where our regional development model can help.

Innovation360 Group has developed a model of collaborative innovation called a Regional Innovation Development Program (RIDP), which addresses the need for scale and stronger collaboration across industry and business ecosystems. 

RIDP programs have been very successful and by implementing structured innovation, harnessing innovation connectivity, and leveraging collaborative learning strategies, deeper learning they have generated significant results.  Our approach is ideal for the any regional or industry groups and will fit as an integral part of your strategy to enhance innovation overall within your region or industry.

GrowKomp Team Celebrates Success


  • Average growth of orderbook by 25% (10-100%)
  • Average Growth of 12%, higher than the national GDP of 5%
  • Revised business plans to continue the journey of sustainable growth
  • Increased diversity in both workforce and management
  • Significantly shortened product development cycles

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