Yellow Belt Grading – New York City


In the Yellow Belt the Licensed Practitioners get the leading Ideation Platform to resell, knowledge on how to sell and  implement an ideation platform, organizational design and change. Templates and Methods included. 


  • Provide tools, methods and best practices how to implement an Innovation Management System


  • Innovation Governance Models – How to align innovation with strategy
  • Innovation Process – How to translate creativity into value
  • Organizational Design – How to setup for a long-term innovation culture
  • Capability Analyzer – How to map capability and competence to reach desired state
  • Tools and methods – How to use, market and sell ideation360


Organisational Design, Implementation and Change 

  • Organizational Design Principles: Innovation Centres, Satellites, Integrated – Pro and Cons
  • Coaching for Radical Innovation
  • i360 best practice on Innovation Governance, Innovation Process and Innovation Organization
  • How to apply the innovation techniques when innovating in strategic uncertainty
  • Capacities vs Competence: Using the Competence Survey to assess underlying competence gaps

Using, implementing, coaching and linking Ideation360 to innovation management and strategic initiatives

  • Hackathon sessions
  • How to succeed with a campaign
  • Run a complete test loop
  • How to sell Ideation360
  • Business model for reselling
  • Action pack to kick-start your sales


You have to be accredited in InnoSurvey® as an Innovation360 Group Licensed Practitioner in order to participate in this Belt grading.



March 7, 2019


March 8, 2019